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Mad Foxes is a Garage, Grunge & Post-Punk trio from Nantes & formed in 2016. 


It is both the phlegm of the English post-punk scene and the spontaneity of Seattle grunge. An intense & incandescent subject, an indelible love particularly given to Slaves, All Them Witches and Shame.

The image of the small French group that slapped Jimmy Fallon will stick to them for a long time.









From their second album "ASHAMED",Gender Eraseris a title in the image of his group:engaged.

To quote the words ofMAGIC - Modern Pop Revue, this track expresses acalling into questionwell felt from the place ofgenderin individual construction. And so not only gender, but further:identity.

Mad Foxes: "The subject and the lexical field of the piece are voluntarily linked tochildhoodandinnocence. Why should a little boy be prevented from playing dinette or having a doll? Should weinterpretthe behavior of a little girl playing war or fire truck as deviant?”

Lucas Bonfils de Mad Foxes, still frame du clip video de Gender Eraser Clement H

Facing the camera, the members of the groupdeclaimthe words of the title.

We made this clip in e-hand in hand. That is to say incollaboratingremotely, the Covid and containment having been acreative constraint! (or see it like this.)

Everything remotely, we communicated on how to do it.
-Them, in Nanteswill turnimages.
- Me, in my hole, thewill get in shape.

The photo aspects ofidentify,duplication,mixed,morphing, are present, in addition to therecitaltheatrical lyrics, to graphically underline this confusionhovering on the theme evoked here.


We offer aaltered reality, like ourperceptionof the current situation.


All embellished with a light layer ofstupidity(wordart and sandwich...) andkindness, specific to this collaboration.


But in the end,Don't worry.


The following words are taken from the


On March 5 at 8 p.m., Théâtre Francine Vasse, boarding for a unique live performance by mad foxes, inhisandlights.

Thought in particular to present their second albumAshamedreleased on April 30, 2021, this Mad Foxes band home date is a bit of a datespecial.

Indeed, the performance of the group will be accompanied by thevisual creation and live projectionby Clément Herveau, motion designer and friend of the group. It had been two years, two years since thisUFOslumbered in the Living Laboratories garage following a residency at the Francine Vasse theatre.

Photo du concert de mad foxes avec un mapping video de Clement H en fond de scene


Presenting an album at home in front of aseated audiencewith a brand newvisual conceptit is a smallchallenge, an experiment. 

It is moreover the theater which is at the initiative of thisprojectand proposed it to the group.
Unidentified object for the theater which is more accustomed to theatrical and dance performances than to a rock concert.
Concert which for the group, is usually standing and dancing.
And UFO for Clément too, accustomed to being behind a desk rather than a show management atreactlive to the sounds played.
In short, the UFO is incrash testingtonight


The lights go out and off we go. Nobody shirks it, we are there.
Thegraphic creationsby Clément sticks tothe universeof each song and thedress, picture and sound seanswerand from the first.

The energy of the group iscommunicativeand the room dances on the seats and taps their feet. We leave open the faucet of dreams. The videos shown to uscaptivateand make each song atotal and immersive experience.

Mad Foxes, album #2, the making-of

Between the tracks – including a surprise cover of Titanium by Sia and David Guetta – videos take us intobehind the scenespreparing and recording their second album.
We see moments of laughter, doubt, joy, work, weariness and above alla good bunch of friendswho do what they love and go all out.
This door open to theirprivacyis a gift, allowing us to discover behind the scenes and the process of creating an album.
A generous moment ofsharewhich seduces the whole room.

Littlewinkwhen at the end of an interlude video where we are shown the rehearsals of the group we hear a prophetic sentence:“And there you are seeing what you are seeing”
Indeed. We saw what we were seeing: the band playing a song both on video and live.
You have to see it to believe it.

Dot OK Boomer: Glitch art?

I admit, when Clément took the time to explain glitch art to me, I didn't understand everything.
I would have summed it up as “you touch buttons and parameters, it's chaos, and chaos emerges a work”.
We push (or not) the interface to a bug, a "glitch" which means that rather than displaying correctly and cleanly, the pixels panic and create a unique and out of phase image.

Thank you Clémentine for this beautiful article and these photos.

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